Survivor - created by SlimeZAP, current server version 1.2.5; plugin version 1.0

Minecraft - Survivor

Will YOU Be The Ultimate Survivor?

Welcome to the official Minecraft Survivor website! You're probably asking yourself;

    "What kind of game is this? Is it like the Hunger Games?"

    "Who plays this game? Why?"

    "Sounds cool! How and when do I connect?"

    "This game is awesome! How do I donate?"

Well first off, we'd like to personally thank you for checking out our website;

    "Thank you."

Anyway, to answer your questions, Survivor is a hardcore PVP Minecraft server where players spawn in a randomly generated world and fight to the death in order to be the last man standing. While the game waits for players to join, players have the opportunity to choose from our list of 10+ available kits. Once the game starts, all players are set to PVP mode and the fight is on! In order to be the last man standing, you must survive and thrive off of what you've got. Go solo or team up, whatever your tactic is! This server is great for anyone who enjoys the "intenseness" of PVP and the fun of tactical battling. Just be careful though, just about anything could happen...

To play, just connect to;

Want more information on how to play? Check out this video created by Nickb53!

More videos like this can be found on the features page.

Interested in donating? Click on the little button below me to donate!